Sunday June 19, 2011 - 7:00pm MDT

Featured Wrestler: Tenille Tayla  


All female wrestlers must face industry expectations of the professional wrestling world. Tenille Tayla is the most experienced of the women on World of Hurt. She needs to  show that she not only has the look but the skills to back up her stunning physique. 

Lance's Words of Wisdom:  

"Sex appeal can be a really big asset as a performer in professional wrestling, but it can’t be the only thing you bring to the table. You have to bring it in the ring, you have to bring it on the microphone, you have to bring it in all elements. If sex appeal is the only thing you bring to the table, you are not going to succeed.” 

Featured Quote:  

"You watch anyone that’s on TV these days and they all look good. You have to have your hair done, you have to have a tan, you have to be in good shape, have a nice flashy outfit on, and that’s what makes a difference really for the girls." Tenille Tayla