Episode Three: Cashing In
Sunday May 15, 2011 - 5:00pm MDT

Featured Wrestler: Carlo "Cash Money” Cannon  


Lance’s students have one goal: to become the best. But wrestling ability alone wont punch their ticket to success. Carlo "Cash Money" Cannon is by far the smallest student and must master the art of aggression to match the size and strength of his peers.  

Lance's Words of Wisdom:

"Aggression is a key element to a pro wrestling match. If the crowd doesn’t perceive or feel the threat of real violence, it’s impossible to hook them emotionally and capture the imagination of the audience. You’ve got to quit worrying about hurting anybody and just get in there, and do it, and feel it. Aggression is the real difference between someone who makes it and someone who doesn’t." 

Featured Quote:

"No one wants to die; he’s too young to die. Everyone has to die one day, but you don’t want to be doing a dive in a wrestling ring." Tenille Tayla