Wednesday March 2, 2011
World of Hurt - It's a Wrap!

Pro wrestling is not fake. The blood, sweat and tears are real, and Pyramid Productions’ new documentary series proves it.

After months of filming, post-production is now underway on World of Hurt — a new action-packed series that takes viewers inside the toughest professional wrestling school on Earth: Storm Wrestling Academy. The documentary series follows a select group of up-and-comers from around the world—France, Britain, Australia, Kosovo and across North America—who gathered together to learn the ropes from former WWE Superstar Lance Storm.

“World of Hurt gives viewers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the gritty world of pro wrestling,” series producer Buddy Day says. “These are already elite athletes competing on the independent circuit, who turn to Lance to take it to the next level.”

“It’s got everything,” director Matt Embry adds. “We not only have great action, but great drama—rivalries, friendships, betrayal and blowups. These are big personalities in a very competitive, highly charged environment. The sparks fly.”

Do the students have what it takes to make it in professional wrestling? Will they survive World of Hurt? Find out on The Cave Network, debuting March 2011.

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